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Dr. Larry Mann


Dr. Mann has been in practice since 1984, having the privilege to study with some of the great Chiropractors and incorporate what he's learned into his practice.   Dr. Mann has also had the extreme pleasure of witnessing the amazing healing power your body has. Dr. Mann provides full spine specific adjustments and hands-on deep tissue work.

"I practice for my family. Everything in my practice is guided by my desire to be the primary care doctor I would send my family to.  I am excited to provide patient care that focuses on quick relief and better care.  Please join my family of patients.  I get results."

Miracle Patients


We have patients that we (Chiropractors) refer to as our miracle patients. There of course is nothing miraculous - it is simply the body's inherant force to regain health.

As a Chiropractor I treat Subluxations of the Spine.  It is well understood that a Subluxation can cause pain and that over time the spine will Decay and become Arthritis.  Also, when a Subluxation interferes with the nerve signal between the brain and an organ, disease may result.

A Subluxation in one person may simply be uncomfortable, or the same Subluxation in another person may result in extreme pain, yet in another person the same Subluxation results in disease.  We cannot predict how someone will respond to a Subluxation.  This is why Chiropractors have “Miracle Patients”.  When we correct a Subluxation that is causing a disease the disease may be cured.  This is not miraculous, just normal physiology.  It does NOT happen every time but it does happen.  Every sick person should have their spine examined and their Subluxations corrected by a Chiropractor.  I have had the pleasure of witnessing the amazing healing power your body has.  

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Why Choose Chiropractic


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