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Chiropractic Visits
Additional Services

Dr. Mann provides full spine and extremity adjustments, hands-on deep tissue work, and science based nutrition.  In addition to treating new injuries, he has had excellent success treating chronic conditions, even after other doctors have given up. 


Dr. Mann practices for his family.  His practice is guided by his desire to be the primary care doctor he would send his family to. Dr. Mann is excited to provide patient care that focuses on quick pain relief and better health. Please join our family of patients.


In addition to Chiropractic treatment, Dr. Mann also provides the following services:


  • Orthodics

  • Scientific Nutritional Counseling

  • Blood work analysis

  • Free Health and Nutrition Class

             Classes explore:
             • Why can’t I lose weight?    • Detoxifying your body 

             • How to boost energy levels    • Women’s hormone balance                 and bone density   • Leaky Gut and Autoimmune  Diseases 

             • How to protect your back 24/7



Ask our office about scheduling acupuncture treatment.

At Pedernales Chiropractic, we believe in charging a fair price so that you and your family can receive the health care you need.  


Dr. Mann does not work directly with any insurance plans so that he can keep his prices lower.  Many times, our fees are lower than many copays.  In many cases, you can submit receipts for your care to your insurance company for reimbursement.


Additionally, Dr. Mann loves working with children and wants them to grow up with the health benefits of Chiropractic; children's fees are 1/2 of adult fees. 


Please call our office today for more information on our rates and services.



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